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At Course 1 we love what we do. Between our team members, we have decades of experience and passion in the marketing and digital industries. We provide professional marketing management consulting services with holistic direction, website development and maintenance, SEO optimization, SEO optimized content writing, social media management and growth, develop media of all kinds, and grow brands using real, measurable data. Whether you are just starting or trying to grow, we will have a custom approach for your success and believe our direction could provide significant relief against some of your pain points.

Our Commitment to reliable BRACTIONS.

Our Commitment to reliable Brand Actions

When improving your brand and its presence, it all comes down to consistently executed brand actions, or “Brand Actions.” We utilize analysis and creative problem solving to install points along your own personal road map to success. Once a plan is established, we work to deliver consistently on those success points. The results are measured, and changes are made because marketing is fluid. You may have never heard the word “Brand Actions” before, but we think it perfectly explains - that if you want success, you need to take consistent action with your brand.

Community Involvement

Our Community Causes

Course 1 stands behind the community and is involved in several different efforts. We would not be here without the people and feel a need to contribute towards their betterment. Currently, we are connected with and working toward continued support of local law enforcement, military veterans, economic development, and youth education. Aside from those causes, Course 1 aids local nonprofits through request and has a philanthropy based pricing schedule if you qualify. We believe you need more of that budget to bring more positive change to the community. We can help there.

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