Custom Graphic Tracing

Welcome to our premier custom graphic tracing services in Tennessee and Knoxville. We specialize in transforming your ideas and images into meticulously traced masterpieces. Custom media production includes the professional tracing of images, drawings, or photography into pristine vector art that can be scaled to any size without image distortion.

Custom Graphic tracing is used to convert a regular JPEG graphic or hand drawing into a scalable piece of high-resolution vector art. This increases its resolution significantly and allows it to be used in any medium of media production. Hand drawings can be professionally traced and turned into high-resolution, fully colored designs, which are scalable to any size and type of use.
Our professional tracing to vector art service includes key aspects of file development, ensuring accurate file organization. We are uniquely proficient when it comes to developing the organized layer system for your vector graphic design. Ensuring this quality control increases ease of animation, a fluid printing process, and peace of mind.
Course 1 offers professional vector graphic tracing services at a priority level in Tennessee and Knoxville. Almost every tracing project submitted to us will be packaged and delivered within 48-72 hours. Our expert graphic designers work with expertise; however, tracing landscape photography is the only exception. If you would like landscape photography traced, please make sure to contact us directly to discuss the project. The turnaround time will vary based on the complexity of the photography. For example, a tree may have thousands of leaves that need to be drawn.


There are many uses for this type of project for your business. Making sure your key marketing materials are traced and properly vectorized will keep your professional image optimized and expand the array of uses for your key professional image graphic art.

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