Data Security

You’ve launched your new beautiful website and done all you can to ensure its success, but you may have overlooked a critical component; your website and data security. Cyberattacks can cause costly clean-up, damage your reputation and hurt your business. Fortunately, you can prevent it all with an effective website security plan. When you open any website to view online, what you’re essentially seeing is the data that is being sent through file transfer protocol from the website to your browser. The best mechanism of communication is HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS is the main method of file transfer that is common on any secure website, but not all transfers may be equal. An insecure connection may be hosted on an HTTP. HTTP is the method servers and browsers talk to each other. It’s a great language for computers, but unfortunately it’s not encrypted.On the other hand, HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, and it is a widely-used protocol for secure communications. The letter “S” gives website users a greater sense of trust and security for websites today. HTTPS secures websites when users are providing sensitive information like files, passwords, or other personal information. HTTPS over SSL protocol offers multiple layers of data protection including data integrity, encryption, and authentication.

Secure Sockets Layer

Secure Sockets Layer

SSL provides that authentication. Besides making sure your website has the proper ssl certificate, we look at many other important factors such as making sure there’s an ongoing plan for regular backups, firewalls, ongoing monitoring of the web environment and much more.


Authenticating both server and client-side

Another critical feature of HTTPS is authentication. With an SSL certificate or that green lock you see on the left side of your URL, users can’t be tricked by a hacker into sharing data with someone not authorized to access the data. SSL checks to make sure the certificate is “authentic.” This is an extremely important factor for user experience. To truly have a secure connection, you can’t just encrypt your data, you also need to know it’s being sent to the right website.

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